Kittens Expected January 2014



Brown Classic Tabby with white



Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby with white


Hopefully 2014 will start off with a bang, we are expecting kittens in mid January from our very special Freya and Linda's Noynarock Athos. Both these cats are of good temperament, good type and good size. Athos is a 'big pudding' while Freya is well chilled and has been extremely laid back all through her pregnancy, so fingers crossed we should get some fabulous kittens. As both cats carry the dilute gene we should get some blues and blue slivers.

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Many thanks to our dear friend Linda Grant at Noynarock cats for letting us have this mating.


Possible Colours

Tabby Coats
 Solid Coats
Brown Tabby
Black and white
Brown Tabby with white
Silver Tabby 
Black Smoke
Silver Tabby with white
Blue Smoke
Blue Silver tabby
Blue Silver Tabby with white
Norwegian Forest Cats make excellent family additions to any household being extremely personable. Enquiries for kittens are welcomed from people who can offer loving forever homes with a safe secure environment for them to live in. Our kittens leave home at the age of 13 weeks and are fully vaccinated and insured.
As the well-being of all our cats and their babies is extremely important to us, we do like to know a little about about their new home and their new human slaves, so please don't be offended by being expected to answer these sorts of questions.

The cost of our kittens is £450 and a non-returnable deposit of £125 will secure any available kitten to the age of 13 weeks. All our kittens are registered with the GCCF on the non-active register.

We encourage anyone having a Norspirit kitten to stay in touch with us and would love to receive a regular supply of photos and updates of the kittens in their new homes.  

For more information please drop us an email at, ring us on 01335 346860 and leave a message, or use the form on the contacts page of our website.